We've officially been open for one month, and the site grew much faster than we expected, but we're extremely happy with all the new people we've had the opportunity to meet. Thank you so much for joining, guys!! <3 Furthermore, we've just had our very first activity check, so now staff members are just doing some clean-up. In the event that we accidentally delete your account, please contact a staff member!! We store all threads in the archives, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in recovering any lost posts! Lastly, we'll have our first in-character site event coming up soon, so keep your eyes open for that!
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Welcome To Crux City

Welcome to All You Sinners. Make no mistake about it: this is your new reality. For a myriad of reasons, you are in neither Heaven nor Hell after your death. Instead, you are in the city of Crux, which is likely the closest you'll ever get to traveling into the past and future. You have returned to that age you've always dreamt of, and you have been given a second chance at making the most of your time. We are a no word-count site, where almost any play-by choice is acceptable so long as the face claim is of an animanga style of artwork. Come say hello in the chat box, and don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have. There is no turning back now that you have entered Crux. Act wisely.

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I kept on forgetting to do this tbh, but it was a nice run~ current members know what I'm up to <3 and you can still log in to grab your things and such of course!
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